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Class 3 Assembly – Scientist

12th October 2023
Class 3 – You’ve once again made us proud!
This morning we had scientist from across many centuries come to the school hall to explain to us who they were and what they were famous for – From Marie Curie to Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein to Alexander Fleming and many more …
What a brilliant way for us to get to know more about what you have been learning this term – keep up the good work!

Pumpkin Soup – Class 1

11th October 2023
Class 1 were very excited to read our new focus text – ‘Pumpkin Soup’. Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be learning all about instructions and will make our own pumpkin soup!
We found it funny Mrs Eason didn’t know how to make a sandwich. She spread the butter on the plate! We gave clear and precise instructions so the sandwich was made correctly.

Class 3 Visit to Grantham Islamic Centre

9th October 2023
This morning, class 3 continued developing their understanding of different places of worship by visiting the Grantham Islamic Centre, where they were made to feel very welcome. After an introductory talk, the children had a tour of the centre and learned how people engage in worship.
The visit really helped give the children a clearer understanding of how their Muslim friends worship.


4th October 2023
The children in class 3 spent a blustery afternoon at Kesteven Rugby Club developing their tag rugby skills. It was lovely to see the children supporting and encouraging one another and developing their team work skills.
Thank you to the School Games organisers for arranging another terrific Sports Festival for the children.

Anderson Shelters

Well done to all Key Stage 2 for creating some wonderful Anderson shelters for their homework task. Thank you to all the parents and carers for your support too! We love how each model is so individual and made from a huge range of materials.


Class 3 Trip to the Library

3rd October 2023

Today KS2 visited Grantham Library. They listened to a range of poems, completed scavenger hunts to help learn about the location of different types of books in the junior library. They also found out about the Dewey Decimal System before operating the self-service system to borrow books.



Early Years Library Trip

Class 1 had a lovely visit to the library. We learnt how to find fiction and non-fiction books in the library. We shared some books and were given a book mark and book to take home.

Early Years RE

29th September 2023
Class 1 enjoyed listening to the story of how God created Adam and Eve. After they worked hard to create collage pictures that look like them. They were very proud of their self portraits.

Harvest Festival – Thank you

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the children in the harvest festival this morning and for all the produce that you kindly donated.
The children shared how appreciative they were of the beautiful world we live in and all the different food there is to eat.
Through the story of the King’s Seeds they shared how important it is to sow seeds of honesty, integrity, kindness, goodness, courage for example, as opposed to sowing seeds of lying, cheating, arrogance etc. that may end up reaping trouble.
Afterwards, the Year 5 children enjoyed taking plants to some elderly people within the community. They also delivered the harvest produce to the Grantham Foodbank where they learnt more about how the Grantham Foodbank operates.

School Councillors

Last Friday, candidates for School Councillor presented reasons why they felt they should be elected for the role. Afterwards, the children went to the polls and cast their votes.
This afternoon, the results were announced and badges presented to our new School Councillors.

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