What people say


‘We learn new and exciting things.’


‘You get the attention you need.’


‘I like all the sports opportunities we get.’


‘All the teachers look after you like a big family.’


‘The school is great for music and singing.’



‘Very grateful for the school’s existence. It is wonderful.’


‘Teaching is encouraging and challenging, but also sensitive resulting in bright, happy, caring and confident pupils.’


‘I am forever grateful that I found Dudley House for my children and I know neither would be who they are without you.’


‘The atmosphere and environment of the school promotes safety and reassurances to child and parents. This is priceless!’

‘You simply cannot beat that feeling that you belong to the Dudley House family, where the doors are always open.’


‘Dudley House School is a wonderful school. The opportunities available to students are second to none.’


‘From the start to the finish you have given such care and kindness to her and we will forever be grateful for a most fantastic start to her education.’


‘My daughter hated school, had constant stomach aches and would be handed over to her teacher most mornings in tears, leaving me guilt ridden and anguished. Since moving to Dudley House, she skips into class each morning, has no stomach issues and I can relax knowing she is content and settled. Her academic achievements since transferring to Dudley House have astounded me, and through the school ethos and pastoral care she has become a confident young lady ready for the challenges ahead of her as she moves to secondary school.’


We were delighted that in our latest Ofsted inspection at the end of November 2023 once again recognised what a wonderful school we have and the excellent personalised education we provide for each child. The following is a summary of some their findings:


  • Dudley House is a ‘small school with big ideas’.
  • Pupils thrive at this school.
  • The school provides a broad, ambitious and interesting curriculum. 
  • The curriculum links closely to a rich set of wider experiences that help pupils to understand their learning in meaningful ways. 
  • Pupils behave well throughout the school day.
  • Pupils live out the values of respect, inclusivity and kindness, which are underpinned by the school’s Christian ethos.
  • Everyone is welcome at this school. The nurturing environment supports pupils across all year groups to learn and work in harmony.
  • ‘Parents and carers are resoundingly positive about the school. A typical comment from a parent was, “This is the best school for my child.”
  • ‘From the very start, pupils learn to read well. All pupils, including the youngest, show an enthusiasm and a love for reading.’
  • ‘Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) thrive because the school ensures that the curriculum builds on their previous knowledge.’
  • The independent school standards (the standards) are met consistently and securely.

These are just a number of the positive findings that have come out of the recent report, which has rated the school as a GOOD once again.


Dudley House School Ofsted Report Nov 2023  (link to Osfted report)


Dudley House School Ofsted Report 2019  (link to Ofsted report)


Dudley House School Ofsted Report 2016 (link to Ofsted report)