Friends of Dudley

Friends of Dudley, was set up to support the school, parents and pupils in several ways.


The Friends of Dudley help create a welcoming family atmosphere by organising various social events in school throughout the year. Friends of Dudley is an ideal way for you to make new friends and get involved with the school.



Friends of Dudley help fund-raise for additional extras that will benefit all the children in the school. In previous years, we have raised money to buy library books, a range of climbing equipment, built, expanded and refurbished the adventure playground, provided nursery ‘role play’ equipment, computer equipment, new sandpit and made many more contributions.


We hope that you will want to join in with the Friends’ activities and have fun while adding value to our children’s enjoyment of the School.


Friends of Dudley meetings are planned to be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 2:30pm in school.


Dates for Autumn 2018

Wednesday 12th September at 2:30pm

Wednesday 10th October at 2:30pm

Wednesday 31st October at 2:30pm  (additional Christmas Fair planning meeting)

Wednesday 14th November at 2:30pm

Wednesday 12th December at 2:30pm


Parent and two girls dipping candles in wax to make multicoloured candles

Candle Dipping at Christmas Fair