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Summer Camp 2023

Wow! What a fabulous time we have all had at our Summer Camp! The weather was perfect, everyone had fun and we have all created happy memories. Class 1 enjoyed playing in their pop-up tents in the sunshine whilst Class 3 and 4 set up camp. It was team effort with everyone ‘pitching’ in! 😊 Tents erected, sleeping mats and airbeds in situ and everyone happy with the sleeping arrangements … oh, and the all-important toilet tent prepared too!

Then it was off for a hike up to the Hills and Hollows, collecting sticks and pine cones on the return leg of the walk – for the camp fire. Both Ollie and Joshua commented ‘I enjoyed walking in the Hills and Hollows and I liked collecting sticks.’ Back at camp, it was time for some fun and games… football, tag and a hilariously energetic game of 40-40 out. Tea followed, pizza and chips … described by William as ‘the best pizza ever!’ and ice-cream for dessert. The menu was also popular with Aurea, who reflected ‘My favourite part was dinner, we had pizza and chips and it was delicious.’

The evening entertainment comprised of songs around the campfire – an impromptu but beautiful rendition of ‘Let It Go’ preformed by Aurea and Angelique – toasting marshmallows to make S’mores (which are an absolute must if you haven’t ever tried them!) washed down with hot chocolate. Steven wholly endorsed the S’mores ‘I have never eaten S’mores but I really enjoyed the sumptuous snack.’ Both Angelique and Aelita loved the songs around the camp fire – ‘they were very funny and nice.’

Then began the bedtime routine – all campers were safely zipped up for the night by 9:30pm and, after giggles, chats, fun with torches plus a few trips to the toilet everyone was asleep as the clock approached midnight.

We awoke to a beautiful, sunny morning. Gradually, the camp came to life and started the day around the camp fire before hungrily tucking into breakfast of cereal, toast, bananas, juice or hot chocolate. There was just time for a game of Twister and football before we started to break camp. Joseph summed it up perfectly ‘Summer Camp was a brilliant experience. Staying up late, eating pizza & chips and having fun!’

As I write, all the children are heading out for playtime so there is just time for me to say a huge thank you to Mrs Johnson for organising the Summer Camp with so much thought, precision and planning; Mrs Sellars, Miss White and Ms Arnold for setting up camp, making the ‘best ever’ pizza & chips dinner, making delicious hot chocolate and a hearty breakfast! Thank you must also go to Angelique’s parents, and Steven’s sister, Stella, for helping with setting up the camp; and to Ollie’s mum for helping out at teatime; and lastly to the families who loaned camping equipment. All contributions of help and equipment were gratefully received.


Mrs Gentry


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