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Ofsted GOOD again!!

Staff and governors ended 2023 ‘on a high’ following another successful Ofsted inspection at the end of November. The Headteacher and Education Director were delighted as they sat and listened to the glowing feedback the inspectors shared during the inspection and just wished everyone could have been there to hear what was said.


The inspection was certainly a rigorous procedure. Over the next few days, the inspectors delved into every aspect of school life. Also, present was a senior HMI who was assessing the inspectors who were carrying out our inspection.


The inspectors collated evidence that showed that despite all the challenges we have faced since our last inspection we were once again a solidly ‘good school’ that had consistently and securely met all the independent school standards.


Ofsted referred to the school as ‘a small school with big ideas’.  Headteacher, Jenny Johnson, was glad that this was clearly visible ‘We have always had big ideas and constantly strive to provide the very best experiences and outcomes for our pupils.’


Throughout the inspection, inspectors noted that the quality of education provided by this small independent school is something they can be proud of. The curriculum is broad, ambitious and interesting’.


The inspectors were impressed that all ‘Pupils behave well throughout the school day’ and readily retain knowledge they access through the curriculum. All pupils are supported well as they access the interesting curriculum. Reading is a particular strength with all pupils learning to read quickly.


At the school it was noted that pupils come from particularly diverse backgrounds. Ofsted recognised that all pupils’ ‘emotional and mental health needs, are well supported’ and through the Christian ethos pupils ‘live out the values of respect, inclusivity and kindness’. The notably strong relationship between pupils and staff ensures that all children can access the curriculum.


The inspectors parting comments will never be forgotten. ‘We will never forget you and your school – and not for the wrong reasons. It has been an absolute privilege.’


It certainly had been a privilege to be able to share high quality Adventist education.  We nurture and transform the lives of children from a diverse range of backgrounds so that every child can thrive not just now, but in the future too.


The year ended on a high for staff and governors and started with a celebration when the school was able to share the good news with pupils, parents, and the community that, ‘Dudley House School continues to be a GOOD school where pupils thrive, because of the committed and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to provide the best for every pupil in its care’.


Dudley House School has an exciting future ahead as ‘God is the Master of our School’. We thank Him for His guidance and enabling strength, and the joy of working for Him.




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