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Evacuee poetry written in class – we hope you like them.

The Rainy Day

I am wearing my gas mask ready to be evacuated.

My Mum packed my bag, put in my nighty

Playing with my yo-yo on the train

Looking at the trees goes past in the rain.


Going Away

Children crying, mothers weeping

Leaving London and what I know.

Might go to Wales…

Might go to the coast…

Where will I go?

Where will I go?



Here I am, soggy and wet

World War 2 is making me upset.

Crying and sobbing, wailing and crawling

All the bombs are strongly falling.

All the houses collapse in a row,

While I was knitting a dolly bow.

I love knitting while I’m spitting pebbles

That fly in my mouth.

This is absurd, the bombs

And the tragedy I heard.

And poor little bird

Got killed by a bomb.

He was my only friend and called him Flom.

Slump, bump off with the stump.

Now I am lost in my air raid shelter

Compared to my school’s.

My School’s air raid shelter was destroyed

By Hilter’s fools.

No more fools who were using tools so

We got out,

Now the city was dark, no flower was

About to sprout.

As World War 2 ended, even my air raid

Shelter is bent.

But at least I am safe…safe.



Evacuees travel by train.

Visitors of farms and villages

Ask questions – ‘When can I go home?’

Crying people in the war.

Utter nonsense this fighting.

Air rain shelters are tightly packed.

Tools and tractors and talk of digging.

In the country things are quiet.

Optional jobs are hard for women.

Not enough food for people.


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