Class 4 Music- Sky Arts

27th June 2023

Class 4 accessed the music materials created by Sky Arts. They investigated our instruments in school then created musical score cards playing their pieces based on a character from these.


Sky Arts – KS2

Last week, KS2 looked at the artist Nathan Wyburn, who uses different materials to create portraits rather than paint or drawing media. Known as 3D mark-making, they used wool to create an image from their own self portrait.


Sky Arts- Music Class 1

Class 1 took part in some of the music activities provided by Sky Art’s last week. They enjoyed listening and moving to a range of different music genres. as well as discussing how these made them feel.
We explored different ways of making sounds with our voice and body including clapping, tapping, and clicking. The children then went on to explore a range of musical instruments to explore to find a sound/instrument that was a unique as themselves. The children then had a go at using the instruments to make their own theme tune. As you can see the children clearly had a lot of fun.

Sky Arts ‘Access All Arts’ Week

21st June 2023
This week in school we are getting involved in Sky Arts ‘Access All Arts’ Week – a nationwide, week-long celebration of the arts, specially designed for primary schools. This year, the theme is Identity and pupils will be encouraged to use the arts to explore their own individuality and what makes each one of us unique.
In Class 3 we learnt a little about 2D mark making as a way of expressing our identity. We doodled to create an ‘All About Me’ illustration that represented our heritage, personality or interests. Then we used a photograph of ourselves to sketch our self-portraits.
We hope you enjoy viewing our sketches – some are not quite finished! Can you guess who is who? 😊
Mrs Gentry