EY – Art

25th September 2023

On Friday, Class 1 enjoyed creating colourful fish and salt dough animals.

Class 3 – St. Wulfram’s Church Visit

18th September 2023
This morning, we visited St Wulfram’s church as part of our learning about different places of worship.
We were fascinated by what we found inside and enjoyed learning more about the church. After looking at the font near the entrance, soaking up the atmosphere in the nave, and looking at the different things in the main church we went down the steep steps into the crypt where we saw stones worn down by so many people kneeling to pray over the years. After our initial exploration and discovering lots of new facts, we searched for mice to complete the Mouse Trail which was lots of fun. Finally, after delicious refreshments in the church, we stopped off in Wyndham Park for playtime before returning to school.
We would like to say a big thank you to the church stewards who made us so welcome and answered our questions. You made our visit very special.
From Class 3

Early Years – Habitats

12th September 2023
As part of our Science topic – Animals and their habitats, we talked about different habitats including the ones in our local area. We went on a nature walk to spot different habitats within our school grounds. We spotted a few birds, a squirrel and lots of insects.
Back in class, we worked together to create our own habitats for an insect.

Gravity and Air Resistance

7th September 2023

Today Key Stage 2 talked about gravity and air resistance. They made tissue paper parachutes, creating a fair test by only changing one variable. They then used their observation skills to see which parachute worked best.

Card from the King

6th September 2023

The children were delighted to receive a thank you card and letter this morning from Buckingham Palace. King Charles had sent them to say thank you to the children for the colourful cards they created to him for his Coronation.


French Brunch

11th July 2023
This morning Class 3 prepared and hosted a French Brunch for the whole school. They baked apple cakes and Sables a la confiture (jammy biscuits!) Class 1 and Class 4 sat down to a spread of French bread, brioche, croissants, pain au chocolat, apples, grapes, crepes and a selection of French cheeses!
All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Tres bien, Class Three! 😊
Thank you also to Mrs Sellars, Ms Arnold, Mrs Jessop and Miss White for their help with the clearing up… always greatly appreciated!
Best regards
Mrs Gentry

Space Day – Wednesday 5th June

5th July 2023
Class 3 and 4 had so much fun during their Space Day on Wednesday. After watching a short film about Space, their first task was to create a tray of food suitable for an astronaut to eat in whilst in Space. The food had to be securely attached to the tray so that, when the children tested them upside down, nothing would fall out. Also, food had to be not too flaky as the crumbs would float around! Other criteria included a balance of food groups as well as pleasing aesthetics!
Then they conducted a scientific investigation to see which was the best straw to carry the balloon rocket along a piece of string. It was noisy, fun and full of friction! 😊
Class 3 and Class 4 worked together in pairs and small teams during the day and it was wonderful to see their collaboration, creativity and enjoyment.
To round off the day, the children began to design a moon buggy. They will continue this DT project next week – we can’t wait to see their finished vehicles!
Well done everyone!
Miss White and Mrs Gentry

Sports Day 2023

3rd July 2023
This afternoon we had fun competing a variety of races at our sports day. Luckily we managed to complete nearly all of them before rain halted proceedings!
Thank you for braving the wind to come and cheer your children on.

Dysart Park Family Fun Day

Sunday, the school’s PTFA enjoyed meeting with people in the community at the Dysart Park Family Fun Day. There was fierce competition in the ‘Shoot the Hoop’ challenge as well as the ‘Golf Challenge’, with people popping back to improve their score to win a meal for two at Prezzo. ‘Guess the marbles in the jar’ also proved popular as there was a £40 meal voucher for Katana restaurant to be won.
Thank you everyone for your support.

Past Pupil – Kate Hindley

29th June 2023

How lucky are we! Recently, a past pupil now working in illustration, has kindly used her connections to acquire a selection of new picture books for the school. These all had personal messages and drawings on the inside cover from the illustrator Kate Hindley.