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Maths Day

Class 1 had a busy maths day. We discussed why we need numbers and set about solving some mathematical problems.


Class 3 practised their measuring skills today, finding out how far their paper aeroplanes travelled across the hall. They used metre rules and a trundle wheel. Faith’s aerodynamic design travelled the furthest at 7m 70cm.

As part of our Maths Day activities, we learnt about time zones across the world. Everyone chose a country and at the end of school we set our clocks to the exact time of their chosen destination.


Class 4 spent the day problem solving. The first activity was using their knowledge of number facts to place numbers in the correct place on a grid. The second activity was using their knowledge of graphs to answer questions and find out the labels missing from the side and base of the graph. We discussed logic problems and completed one has a whole class before the children completed one independently. The afternoon was spent solving clues to find who had committed a crime. The clues involved measuring angles, using a calendar, working out percentages, answering questions on Braille numbers and calculating Roman numerals. The day ended with some times tables races with class 3.


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