Our curriculum is designed to provide a rich and varied programme to meet the needs of all learners. It enables them to try new things and to discover and develop their passions and talents. Our creative approach, using topics and specific subject teaching, stimulates learning and enables pupils to practise and use skills in a variety of ways.


We believe the curriculum we offer stimulates children’s imagination, challenges them, yet enables all children to feel successful, no matter what their ability or interests. It promotes self-belief, self-confidence and opportunities for leadership.


Our curriculum aims to make learning come to life, to engage and inspire, and offer children a love of learning and skills that will last a lifetime.


‘Subjects are successfully linked together to make learning interesting and meaningful.’ Ofsted

‘We learn new and exciting things.’ Pupil


‘A wealth of visits, visitors and trips near and far enrich the curriculum and broaden children’s horizons.’ Ofsted




Please click on the links below to see an overview of our curriculum themes and curriculum plans.


Overview of Curriculum Themes


Curriculum Plans