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River Dipping

19th June 2018

Would you like to know what lives in the River Witham? Key Stage 2 can tell all about it, after their visit to the river, this afternoon.


French Master Chef

15th June 2018

Yesterday’s French lesson turned into MasterChef as KS2 pupils worked independently to produce their own baguettes from scratch. Some were a little messier whilst working than others, but I think you’ll agree the end results looked great! They had a little taste at lunch to ensure their bake was of the highest standard, but the rest were taken home to be enjoyed by their families – bon appétit!


Summer Fayre

14th June 2018

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our summer fayre and to the PTFA who organised this event. It was a wonerful evening. So far, we have raised an amazing £474.13, which will go towards a new sandpit.

See gallery for pictures.

Skegness Success!

12th June 2018

From feeding sharks to hermit crabs, learning about continental shelf life to the devastation marine plastic causes, from playing in an interactive sandpit to stepping onto a real sandy beach. KS2 have done it all and more!

Quail Eggs Arrive

11th June 2018

Thanks to parental involvement, Class 3 are lucky to be babysitting 7 quail eggs. The incubation period is 17 days, so the countdown begins.

Golden Book Achievers

8th June 2018

Congratulations to the children whose learning was celebrated in this morning’s assembly.


Nature Sculptures

7th June 2018

Today, in class 2, the children started their art project on nature sculptures. This lesson involved looking at the detail in photos to create our own clay sculptures.

Star of the Week

25th May 2018

Our star of the week was award for the time and effort put into the Key Stage 2 glass recycling homework. Recycled glass was used to create a house number plaque.


Painting in the Park

24th May 2018

The sun shone as Key Stage 2 walked to Wyndham Park, yesterday afternoon, for their final painting session of the term. After studying a range of techniques used by famous artists, they used watercolour to create master pieces of their own. All of their paintings are displayed in the computer suite – do come and have a look!



Signs of Spring

23rd May 2018

Children in Class 1 and 2 enjoyed walking to the park, looking for evidence that spring has finally arrived. They also had good fun playing in the play park together.


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