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Rockets Galore

5th November 2018

The Nursery and Reception children have been learning all about Bonfire Night. Here are some pictures of the amazing display they have created. They thought of some interesting words that described what they saw and heard.

Golden Book Achievers

2nd November 2018

Well done to all the children who were in the Golden Book today.

Delicious Vegetable Soup

17th October 2018

Today children in Birch class made their own delicious vegetable soup, that they took home for their tea.

Golden Book Achievers

Well done to all the children who were in the Golden Book this morning and also those who received Mathletics certificates.

Read All About It

14th October 2018

Children in the newspaper club have just published thier first edition of the DHS Primary Times.

Click on the link below to see what they have produced.


DHS Primary Times – Issue 1 – October 2018



Transporting Tomatoes

9th October 2018

This week the science club team, solved the problem of moving ripe tomatoes from one table to the next without touching them or any fruit getting squished!

Hills and Hollows

8th October 2018

This morning Oak class walked around their local area, documenting the geographic features and noting historical evidence. We ended up at the Hills and Hollows. None of the children had ever been there before so they enjoyed the natural landscape in the glorious sunshine.

Carrot Exploration

5th October 2018

Hazel class planted carrot seeds in the summer term and this week the children have been investigating what they have grown. The children had good fun searching for carrots.

Poetry Day

4th October 2018

The children have played with words today, writing their own poetry with the theme change. They voted for their favourite poem of the day – Louder! By Roger Stevens, after teachers read a selection throughout the day.  Oak class accessed a live poetry lesson from the BBC, and were ecstatic when their school name appeared across the screen. Birch class created a colourful poetry river and Hazel class enjoyed exploring spaghetti, collecting describing words after reading the poem  ‘Spagetti Spagetti’ by Jack Prelutsky. In house teams they played rhyming games that reception and nursery had practised earlier in the day. At the end of the day they all got a letter from the poetry post and this can be enjoyed at home.

Healthy Sandwiches

3rd October 2018

Today Birch class sampled a variety of different breads to see which they enjoyed and then decided on their favourite.

After discussing healthy sandwich fillings, they selected the bread they wanted and created their own filling. The sandwiches they made were delicious.


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