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Learning to be a museum curator

7th March 2018

Today children in class 3 and 4 visited Grantham Museum to gather information about how displays are put together, how to write engaging museum labels and explored a variety of artefacts. They were then eager to get back to school to start creating their own display for the museum.

Why don’t you visit Grantham Museum from the 22nd March until the end of April to see their display.


World Book Day

6th March 2018

We came to school today, dressed as our favourite book characters, for World Book Day and took part in a variety of activities related to books. Don’t we look fantastic! We had lots of fun.


Viking York

5th March 2018

Class 3 were up early today, to catch the train to York. During the morning they visited The Dig and learnt how archaeologists interpret artefacts such as bones, pottery and human waste. They had a chance to ‘dig’ for themselves, unearthing clues for different time periods. A bespoke workshop before lunch allowed the pupils to handle artefacts. They discovered medicines, clothing and weapons the Vikings used and owned. A short walk past the Shambles, led the class to Jorvik. Here they immersed themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of York 1,000 years ago.

School wins £500 of books

1st March 2018

Dudley House School was thrilled to learn that their reading display had been awarded a bronze prize in this year’s World Book Day Awards. For such a small school this was an amazing achievement. The school is delighted that they will be able to choose £500 of Bonnier Zaffre books for the school library to inspire children’s love of reading even further.

Creating the display was an exciting adventure involving everyone in the school with pupils talking more than ever about reading and books. What started out as a blue squiggle on a page ended up with an exciting project with everyone working hard to add something to make it inspirational.

The judges thought our display was fantastic and could tell all the hard work that had gone into it. Over 70,000 children were involved in the competition! Congratulations to all involved.


See the winning entries at  World Book Day Awards


For more information about how our display evolved see our World Book Day Competition Entry

and look at our school gallery for more pictures.

Visit to St Wulfram’s Church

28th February 2018

Key Stage 2 went on a visit to St Wulfram’s Church, this afternoon. The children were shown around the church by Father James, who talked to them about the history of the church. The children found it very interesting and asked lots of questions.


Bird Watch

23rd February 2018
Armed with their identification guides, pupils in Key Stage 2 spent an hour watching and counting the birds around the school.
The pupils observed a variety of common garden birds including blackbirds, blue tits, collared doves, great tits, green finches, a magpie, a robin and starlings.

We didn’t actually see as many birds as usual but we think it is because we had a visit from a sparrowhawk a few days before the bird watch.

All the information will be sent to the RSPB who will compile a report to share with the school and other schools that have taken part.


Grantham Journal ‘Books to Binoculars’ story and photo


Golden Book Achievers

Congratulations to the children who were in this week’s Golden Book.


Bisi Badminton Tournament

9th February 2018

Well done to the children who took part in this week’s Bisi Badminton Tournament at KGGS. It was lovely to see their good sportsmanship and also how their skills developed through the evening.


Golden Book Achievers

Congratulations to all the children whose achievements were celebrated in this week’s Golden Book assembly and to the key stage 2 children who received their gymnastics certificates. Well done also to our Bronze Awardee for collecting 20 stickers.

Textile Creations

7th February 2018

After a busy term using threads and fabric, here are the finished textile creations. Class 3 have been cutting, dyeing and learning how to do a variety of stitches, and are very proud of their finished Viking cushions and weaving pictures.


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