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Morning at the Beach

7th July 2017

The children in the Nursery and Reception visited the marketplace beach in Grantham as part of their topic all about Summer. As you will see from the pictures, they all had a super time. Earlier in the week, they had designed and made their own sandcastles and they were able to put their skills into practice. The children’s behaviour was first rate and they represented our school well.

Music Recital

6th July 2017

This morning, three pianists and two violists shared some of their musical skills, in a music recital. Congratulations to all five of them for being brave and performing to the whole school and some parents.

Picture Book Competition

4th July 2017

Well done to all the children who took part in the Reading Zone Picture Book Competition.


Blast Off Into Space

30th June 2017

This week Class 3 have gone to space. They have learnt about the phases of the moon, used key information about the space race to create a timeline, enjoyed letting their imagination run wild in our role play rocket and used their design technology skills to create moon buggies with winding mechanisms. These were photographed on are classroom lunar landscape.


Small Schools Sports Day

24th June 2017

Well done to all the children who took part in the Small School’s Sports Day at the Meres. The children all tried their hardest in the races they took part in. A particular well done to Sanjana, who won her heat in the egg and spoon race and went on to win the final! We are very proud of them all.

Golden Book Achievers

23rd June 2017

Congratulations to all the children in the Golden Book today. All of class 1 were chosen for their brilliant assembly and their effort in all the activities on sports day, a child from class 3 was chosen for her good behaviour and excellent work ethic and a child from class 4 was chosen for his excellent attitude to learning in English this week, and for his writing of poetry, following the style of Michael Rosen. A class 3 child and a class 1 child were also presented with certificates. A year 6 child was chosen as star of the week, for her leadership skills during sports week, and encouraging others, particularly during sports day and at the Mini Olympics.

Golden Book Achievers

Class 1 Assembly

21st June 2017

Well done to the children of class one, who shared their learning with us, in their assembly, this morning, and showed us their amazing artwork.

Mini Olympics

Class 3 and the young ambassadors managed to keep their cool at the 10th Anniversary of the Mini Olympics at the Meres Stadium today. The celebrations started with the arrival of sky divers to squeals of glee from the children. They had the opportunity to run relay races, practise netball shooting, perfect their hockey skills, learn a dance with the help of the Royal Opera House and join in with some team building games.

Sports Day

20th June 2017

Thank you to all of you who came along and supported the children, in our annual sports day. We were very grateful for the cooler weather!

Golden Book Achievers

16th June 2017

Congratulations to the children in the Golden Book this week. Our year six child was chosen for her performance of the excellent poetry she had written. All of class three were chosen for the hard work they put in to creating their assembly, and one child was chosen for his excellent progress in reading. In class one, our nursery child was chosen for his counting skills and his excellent singing and the reception children were chosen for their amazing Sunflower paintings. These paintings will be shared at their class assembly, next week.


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