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Brain Builder – Animal Habitats

24th April 2020

Over the Easter holidays children were set a Brain Builder task to create an animal habitat. N. and M. used collage materials to make a desert and a jungle. O. raided his garden to make a bug house. We are looking forward to seeing what other habitats have been created.

I am driving in my car

This week, class 1 were asked to use some recyclable materials to make a car. L has made one he can drive, as well as drawing a picture of a monster truck and colouring in a picture of a motor bike.
They are super!

Lots of Cars

J. has been busy with his home learning this week. He sorted his cars and counted them. He has drawn some lovely pictures of vehicles. He also made a ramp to see which car would travel the furthest. He has carefully coloured different vehicles as well as a beautiful rainbow. Super learning J.

Racing Cars

Class 1 were asked to make a vehicle today. Ethan used some tubes to make some racing cars and has written a number on each one. Wow what super cars.


23rd April 2020

This week class 1’s home learning has been focused on transport. One of the tasks they were asked to do was to sort cars and vehicles and count how many they had. They also had to see how many different coloured vehicles they could see. L did some super counting and has been practising writing his numbers too.

Colourful Collage

22nd April 2020

After exploring the work of the illustrator Megan Coyle, class 4 were tasked with creating a collage of an animal from any type of paper (coloured, scrap, magazine or newspaper).
A. created a very colourful bird, where she carefully cut out and overlapped each paper feather, in different shades. I am sure that you will agree that it is beautiful.

Talented Teacher

21st April 2020

Miss White has been very creative over the holiday and painted a picture of O and L watching ‘Boris’ the hedgehog exploring the school grounds.

Keep Dancing!!

20th April 2020

A. has been busy exercising by practising her dancing and gymnastic routines. Wow, it looks amazing!

Quails Hatch

There was great excitement at Oscar’s house yesterday when some quail chicks hatched out. Once they had safely hatched they were transferred to the brooder box to keep nice and warm.

Rainbows of Hope

19th April 2020

Ava and Aelita have created some lovely rainbow posters to brighten our days and thank the NHS workers. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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