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Y6 Leaver’s Day

16th July 2020

Our year 6 leaver planned a fun packed day today to included the subjects he enjoyed. Class 4 began on the computers creating games for Miss White to play. (She wasn’t very good). After a Zoom award ceremony, they made origami jumping frogs. Their story writing ideas came from characters they designed themselves. After lunch the enjoyed rounders and designing robots based of the book they had read this term.

Certificates and Trophies

In our celebration assembly this morning, all the children proudly received certificates in recognition of the all their hard work, perseverance, positive attitudes to learning, achievements, acts of kindness and friendship that they had shown during the year.
Four trophies were also presented for academic achievement, excellence and endeavour, progress and swimming. Well done to everyone.

Class 1 Seaside Day

14th July 2020

The boys in Class 1 had great fun at the ‘Seaside’ today. They played in the water and sand trays, enjoyed a bubble machine and had a go at pitching tents in our outside area. Throughout the day they also took part in various art activities that used different techniques and materials. By the end of the day they had each created a colourful seascape.

Class 2 Seaside Day

The children in Class 2 have had a great deal of fun today as we had our own seaside day at school. They designed and made sandcastles, made pictures using shells and made ice creams that looked good enough to eat!

Class 3 Seaside Day

Class 3 enjoyed a fun-filled Seaside Day! They composed some exciting “Haiku” poems with a seaside theme and listened to and commented on various seaside poetry. Creating a magnetic fish game was challenging but lots of fun and painting seaside art in the style of Monet was accomplished too! At the end of the day, they used their bubbles and water blasters…what a fun-filled day.


Class 4 Seaside Day

Class 4 had fun making their own magnetic fishing game with maths problems to solve in 30 seconds. They made elastic band propelled boats from wood and created some collage sea turtles They also had fun with water and problem solving in the sand.

Frog Found

13th July 2020

Today, the boys in Class 1 were very excited when Mrs. Glover found a creature in one of our outside trays. We weren’t sure if it was a frog or a toad so we did some investigating on the computer and, having looked at the patterns on his skin, found out he was a Common Frog. After a while, he hopped out of the tray and away.

Bubble Fun

Class 3 had a very exciting week of learning again last week which included creating some super artwork, using Stop Motion with Lego and scenery they created themselves, and had great fun with a bubble trouble investigation using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Bubbles did form, but much to the children’s disappointment it did not burst the bag! We changed the variables and amount of ingredients used and although the volume of bubbles greatly increased the bag was still intact…Levi and Milan commented that it would take bottles of vinegar to get that reaction!
We are looking forward to another exciting week including our seaside day.

Playdough Fun

8th July 2020

The boys in Class 1 were very excited to find their own bags of playdough this morning. They each had a set of tool and cutters and had lots of fun exploring what they could make . This is great for developing their fine motor skills and pincer grip for pencil holding.

Rain, Rain

2nd July 2020

The children in Class 1 are learning about Noah and the Ark. We’ve talked a lot about the rain in the story and tried to think about 40 days and 40 nights of rain. Today, as it was raining in Grantham, we made our own rain sticks so we even had the sound of rain indoors!

Click on the links below to listen to the music they made

L’s Rainmaker

J’s Rainmaker

B’s Rainmaker

A’s Rainmaker


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