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Golden Book Achievers

15th February 2019

Well done to all the children who were in the Golden Book today.

Science Day – Hazel Class

14th February 2019

The children at Dudley House School have had a focus on Science today. The children in Hazel Class have been investigating. Most of the activities they were involved with used water! They found out what would float or sink. The children also found out what happened when they put salt onto ice. They also made boats and tested them out. They also chose what would make a good umbrella for giraffe and tried their ideas out using a watering can. The children also used the magnets and found out which was the best way to arrange the ramps.


Science Day – Birch Class

In Birch class, as part of their topic on materials, the children investigated what would happen to chocolate when put in different places. The children suggested: outside, in the computer suite, in the fridge, on the radiator, on the cupboard and in a mouth! They discovered that the chocolate in the fridge and outside became harder and the chocolate on the radiator and in a mouth melted. One child said, “The hotter the temperature, the softer the chocolate.”


Midsummer’s Nightmare

13th February 2019

Everyone who attended Oak Class assembly this morning, enjoyed a marvellous performance.
The children had been studying Shakespeare in class and decided to put on their own musical version of ‘A midsummer night’s dream’. The play held the audience captive from beginning to end and showcased what a talented group of children we have.
Well done to all those involved.

Mud Bricks

In Birch Class, the children have been learning about life in a remote village in India and how the people build their homes using materials from the forest. The children mixed mud, straw and water together, to make some mud bricks and left them to dry, by the radiator, for two weeks. Today, the children were able to remove the bricks and see how strong they were.


Chinese New Year

7th February 2019

The Nursery and Reception children in Hazel Class have been learning about Chinese New Year. They have been playing in the Chinese restaurant, as well as tasting Chinese food and learning about the Chinese customs. They have made Chinese dragons and watched them dancing.


Jolly Snow

6th February 2019

The children in Hazel Class have been busy reading Jolly Snow written by Jane Hissey. They have written lists of the different types of ‘snow’ in the story. They also made sledges and investigated which ‘hills’ they travelled down best. Making and icing snowflake biscuits was also a favourite activity. The children also had fun playing with flour and water and using feathers to make pictures.

Rotary Swimarathon

1st February 2019

Today every child at school, plus a team of parents, took part in the Grantham Rotary Club 30th Swimarathon. They were amazing and we were very proud of thier achievement.

Golden Book Achievers

Well done to all the children who were in the Golden Book today and to those children who received certificates. We are very proud of you all.

Archaeologist Discoveries

30th January 2019

Today Oak Class was full of archaeologists who were discovering the Ancient Maya. Through calculating, reading, writing, watching, cooking, computing and making the children demonstrated their learning and understanding. We ran out of time for our tribal dance, but are planning to create one together next week.


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