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Class 1 Art Day

11th May 2021

WOW! Class 1 have been very busy today. We have been trying really hard to make some amazing work to display at the forthcoming School Art Exhibition on Tuesday 27th May. Here are just some hints as to what we have been up to. You will have to come along and see their completed masterpieces – all made around the theme of ‘Out and About’. The children are very excited to show you what they have been creating.


Class 2 Art Day

Class 2 have had a wonderful ‘art filled’ day. Here are some photos of the works in progress but you’ll have to visit our Art Exhibition to view the fabulous finished works of art.


Class 3 Art Day

Class 3 have created painting, collages and artwork using printing. They’ve researched a Brazilian artist and using digital media to create a response. These pieces will all be shown in the school’s up and coming art exhibition.

Our Web of Thankfulness

23rd April 2021
In Class 1’s RE lesson, we listened to the story of The Ten Lepers and thought about the one who said ‘thank you’ to Jesus for curing him.
Whilst standing in a circle, we used string and passed it around. As we held a piece of string we each thought of things that we were thankful for. The children had some super things to say:
“Thank you for keeping our planet safe”
“Thank you for helping us to find our favourite things”
“Thank you for tigers and all your creatures”
“Thank you for toys”
“Thank you for my family and friends”
“Thank you for our school and all the people here”
We reflected that someone saying thank you makes people happy. What lovely messages.

Can We Fix It?

20th April 2021
The new topic for Class 1 is called: ‘Can we fix it?’
The children are taking it very seriously!!

Butterflies Released

19th April 2021
Great excitement in Class 1 today. We were back at school and we had butterflies to release. Two of our five caterpillars have successfully emerged from their cocoons. The children were thrilled to see the patterns and colours of our Painted Lady butterflies.
Once the weather had warmed up, just before lunch, we took the habitat outside and carefully lifted the butterflies out. The children each got to hold them on a flower or orange segment. After a few minutes, the butterflies flew off. It has been a real privilege to watch this process from start to finish and the children have been fascinated.

Butterflies Emerge

17th April 2021
Exciting caterpillar update for Class 1. We have a butterfly! It emerged this afternoon and you can just see it’s empty cocoon case below it. Don’t worry! The red marks you can see are not blood. It’s just a liquid that’s released as part of the emerging process.
Mrs Glover has put some chopped fruit and some dissolved sugar on a sponge in with them – this is what they will eat over the next few days. You can see the colours on its wings really clearly. It is a ‘Painted Lady’ butterfly. Mrs Glover is keeping a close eye on the other cocoons to see if they are starting to split as the butterflies emerge.

Book of Hope

6th April 2021
Children in Class 3 entered the ‘Book of Hope’ competition run by Purple Mash, where they wrote about what hope meant to them. The winning entries will be compiled into a ‘Book of Hope’.
Agnes super letter, ‘Dear Me’, was used for a promotional video which can be seen here:
Well done Agnes for your inspiring writing.

Caterpillar Update!

2nd April 2021
Mrs Glover has taken the caterpillars home for the school holiday and, overnight, they have started to make their cocoons. How exciting!

Lambs Visit

31st March 2021
As a final treat, to end the term and our topic about animals, Mrs Glover invited her friends Sarah and Adam into school with 2 of their lambs. The male lamb is a week old and called Derek whilst the female lamb had no name and is only 3 days old. The children were very sensible and all listened carefully to the instructions about how to feed, stroke and hold them.
Class 2 and 3 later came to see the lambs too. One of the pupils in Class 3 suggested the name Posy for the lamb which went down well. It was lovely to meet Posy and Derek. What a super way to end the Spring term.

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