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North American Inspired Art

17th July 2019

Oak Class focused on Native America, learning how the country developed before creating paintings and constructing totem poles, tee pees and dream catchers.

Art Day Inspiration

Today during art day, Oak Class created North American Art. The school have bought some new equipment too! A perfect complement to their learning!

New Lunchtime Equipment

Today the children enjoyed playing with some of the new equipment that has been purchased to enhance lunchtimes and playtimes.

‘Crikey Moses’

16th July 2019

Tonight the children put on another stunning performance and wowed the audience with the musical ‘Crikey Moses’ written by Shiela Wilson. Parents were amazed at how well the children tackled the challenging songs and their powerful acting.
Well done to all the pupils and staff for a wonderful performance.

Chocks Away

15th July 2019

During this years’ last science club, the children made paper aeroplanes of different designs and helicopter spinners, then took part in flying competitions.

Sports Day Success

12th July 2019

Children took part in a variety of team activities and individual races this morning. It was a superb event and it was lovely to see all the children happily and actively involved and trying their best.
The winning teams this year were Grasshopper and Dragonfly who came joint 1st with 205 points each.
Thank you to all the parents who supported and encouraged the children.

Noah’s Ark Creations

9th July 2019

In Birch class, the children have been learning about Noah’s Ark. In Design Technology, having tested a variety of materials in science to see which floated and which sank, they have designed their own arks. Last week they used their sawing, sanding and gluing skills to make their designs. Today they were excited to test their creations to see whether or not they floated.

Bubble Investigations

8th July 2019

Today science club investigated bubbles. They realised that even with a square or rectangular hole the bubble created was still a sphere.

Yum! Delicious Pizza!

4th July 2019

Today Oak Class made pizza and they cleaned up too!

Leaf Observation

3rd July 2019

This evening, science club observed the structure of leaves by taking rubbings and making booklets.

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