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Children Working at Home

1st April 2020

It’s lovely to see our children being creative, exercising in different ways, learning life skills and taking time to relax in the sun, as well as doing their online learning each day.

Pupils Enjoying their Online Learning

31st March 2020

Pupils at Dudley House are enjoying their online learning and receiving electronic feedback.

Learning at Home

27th March 2020

Thank you for keeping us updated with the learning activities you are doing at home. It’s great to see you keeping fit with Joe Wickes, enjoying reading a good book, as well as completing work set by school.
Some amazing creative projects are being completed, like building a catamaran and a roost for the chickens.
Can you spot the toad that was rescued and re-homed?


PE with Joe Wicks

26th March 2020

Another day at Dudley House School has begun with P.E with Joe Wicks. We hope you have are joining in at home too.

Children Working at Home!

It’s lovely to see what all the children have been busy doing at home. Learning how to make a bee hotel (we hope the bees like their new home) and baking different types of bread (the loaves look delicious).
Well done to both of you.

Class 1 Learning in their Gardens

25th March 2020

Some of the children in class 1 have been enjoying learning in their gardens today, in the beautiful spring sunshine.
They have made dens, watered plants and created superheroes.

Children Gardening!

The children at school have been busy gardening. They have dug and planted some bean plants in the raised bed at the top of the playing field.
Can you find spot the visitor on Mrs Stukins?

Children Making Rainbows at School

24th March 2020

Children, who had to be in school yesterday, also created rainbows and have displayed them in the front windows at school. They also brightened up the playground with rainbows.

More Children Making Rainbows at Home

23rd March 2020

Two more lovely rainbows created by pupils today to share hope and brighten people’s days.

Children Making Rainbows at Home

Children were set a challenge this morning to create a rainbow and then put it in their window to spread hope and brighten up the world.
Some have been busy creating already.

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