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Chinese New Year Day – Part 2

24th January 2020

Yesterday we really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year celebrations and more about the Chinese culture. We also enjoyed the delicious Chinese lunch and some of us even manged to eat with chopsticks!

Golden Book Achievers

Well done to all the children who were in the Golden Book today.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

23rd January 2020

Dudley House took part in Chinese New Year celebrations today. In class they learnt about Chinese customs and rice farming. They enjoyed an authentic Chinese vegetarian meal instead of their normal packed lunch. After that, they played Chinese inspired team games with chop sticks and dragon dances. They also created, rats, lanterns, fans and their own dragon to take home.

Class 4 Animal Soap Carvings

21st January 2020

This term Class 4 are learning about sculpture. Today, they developed a new skill, carving. They used a bar of soap to create an animal.


Golden Book Achievers

17th January 2020

Well done to the children who were in the Golden Book today and also those who recieved certificates for badminton.

Class 2 learning about weight, speed and length

16th January 2020

The children in class 2 have had done some good learning this week whilst comparing length, weight and speed.

Gymnastics Club!

The children have had great fun at gym club this evening. They practised balancing skills as well as jumping.

Class 4 Practicing their Hockey Skills

Class 4 practised their hockey skills today in between the rain showers.

Class 4 Preparing for Bird Week

14th January 2020

It is Bird Week in school at the end of this month. Class 4 have been preparing by painting blue tits to look really closely at anatomy, writing facts and quizzes for their Brain Builder homework and today they had a go at sculpting using clay.

Class 1 Playing in a Cafe

13th January 2020

Today, Class One have been playing in a Café. Our new children have been making friends, taking turns and sharing toys.

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