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Baking Challah Bread

20th November 2019

As part of their learning about the Jewish faith, Class 4 made challah bread today. It took much of the day as they had to wait patiently for the dough to rise several times, however they thought it was worth it as the whole school smelt delicious!

Class 4 Artwork

19th November 2019

Class 4 created these beautifully woven artworks in only an hour.

Creativity Club Drawings

18th November 2019

Creativity club drew a shepherd with his sheep today completely independently. How amazing are these!

Splitting Light into Rainbows!

Class 4 split light into rainbows today. First they used water, a mirror and a torch but their favourite was bubble making!


15th November 2019

The children in Class 2 have been writing letters this week. They have written a letter and posted it to their home address. We waited for a break in the clouds and managed to post our letters this morning. Hopefully they should arrive just after the weekend. We have also written letters along with the rest of the school that are going to be displayed in the foyer.


Golden Book Achievers

Well done to the children who were in the Golden Book today for their positive attitudes to learning. Also congratulations to the children who received certificates.


Fundraising for Children in Need

14th November 2019

The children came dressed in Pudsey Bear inspired clothes and pyjamas today to raise funds Children in Need. They filled Pudsey Bear outlines with coins, took part in a variety of activities and bought cakes and cookies to take home.
Thank you to everyone who helped us raise £93.21 for Children in Need.

Baking for Children in Need!

13th November 2019

Today KS2 baked cakes to sell for Children in Need.

Poetry Competition Winners

12th November 2019

We were delighted to learn today that a Year 1 pupil had won the Key Stage 1 Lincolnshire Schools Poetry Competition, run by the Willoughby Memorial Trust, and a Year 3 pupil had gained 3rd place in the Key Stage 2 competition. They have been invited to a special evening to collected thier prizes.

Well done to both of them for their amazing achievement!
We are very proud of you.

Hairy Friends Visit!

Today, Class One enjoyed having guinea pigs in their class. They learnt how to care for guinea pigs, what to feed them and how to hold a guinea pig carefully. The children gave the guinea pigs a very healthy breakfast of vegetables and hay.

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