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KS2 Visit to Grantham Museum

9th November 2017

This afternoon, KS2 went to visit Grantham Museum. Have a look at the photos to see some of the things they enjoyed.

Golden Book Achievers

3rd November 2017

Congratulations to all the children whose achievements were celebrated in today’s Golden Book assembly. In class 1, one child was chosen for settling into our school with enthusiasm and positivity and another child was chosen for his improved sharing skills. A class 2 child was chosen for her excellent work in maths. A class 3 child was chosen for her good sentence ideas in English. In class 4, five children were chosen for the effort they put in to work completed at home on the English Civil War. One of these children was also chosen for coming back to school with a fantastic learning attitude that was reflected in the work she has produced. Two children from class 4 were also awarded with Mathletics certificates.

Butterflies Emerge

9th October 2017

There was great excitement in class 2 today as two butterflies emerged from chrysalis. At first their wings were all crumpled but gradually the children saw the wings expand and flapped  as they dried out.

We are just waiting to see the final butterfly emerge.


Golden Book Achievers

6th October 2017

Congratulations to our children who were in the Golden Book, this week. Our class 1 child was chosen for his listening on the carpet. Our class 2 child showed excellent concentration and worked hard. Our class 3 child has been trying hard, in class, as well as trying to teach Miss White a new language! Our child, from class 4, was chosen for the effort she put into this week’s dance lesson and taking on the role of a leader in her group.

Star of the Week

Our star of the week, this week, was chosen for her excellent learning attitude and her enthusiasm for the harvest festival.

Civil War Centre Visit

5th October 2017

KS2 enjoyed a visit to The Newark Civil War Museum today. They travelled by train which, for some children, was their first ride on a train. Once at the museum, they watched a short film, looked at some of the exhibits, took part in a workshop where they acted the part of people who actually lived in Newark, and learned what life was like during the civil war. After lunch, they learned about Anglo Saxon burials found in Newark.

Harvest Celebration

4th October 2017

The children this morning gave thanks to God for the food we have to eat. They also performed the story of the enormous turnip as well as singing songs and playing a variety of instruments.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to our harvest celebration this morning, enabling us to have a wonderful display of produce. The tins and packets will go to the Grantham Foodbank to support local people in need. The fresh produce and flowers were distributed to older members of our community by the children in class 4.

Gravity Fields Anniversary Show

28th September 2017

The whole school enjoyed a fantastic science show at the Guildhall, this afternoon. Stefano Di Renzo (pictured) performed his show ‘Hold On’ which is a short wordless funny circus show, where buckets whirl around, cups and balls fly through the air and planks become catapults. Following this, Phil Bell Young from the University of Hull amazed and astound everyone with an interactive science show where pupils were able to see science come to life. A great time was had by all, from the youngest to the oldest members of our school community. (Photograph from Guildhall Arts Centre website.)

Fruit Kebabs

27th September 2017

Today Class 3 have been learning about a balanced diet. They know that it is important to eat breakfast to help with their learning. We have also discussed eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. In English, they are learning how to sequence and write instructions, using the correct format, imperative verbs and a range of punctuation. As a practical exercise, they made fruit kebabs for the whole school to enjoy at break time, before writing their own instructions.

The Sandman Rehearsals

14th September 2017

This morning, Key Stage 2 had the wonderful opportunity to go and watch dance rehearsals at the Chantry Dance Company. It was inspiring to watch and, hopefully, has given the children lots of ideas for the dance they are developing in school. The Chantry Dance Company were rehearsing for their latest tour which is a production of The Sandman. The tour starts, at the Guildhall, on 23rd September.

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