Enterprise Day

13th November 2017

After the design team had selected 3 cards to produce, the whole school worked together to produce 200 Christmas cards to sell to raise money for a new sandpit.

Art Day

8th June 2017

To start the day, the children worked collaboratively to create a collage of the Union Flag using cuttings from magazines. Key stage 2 continued the British Values theme by creating clay tile reliefs depicting scenes representing the values and class 1 created pattern effects by stamping objects into their clay tiles. Once dried, all of these will be displayed in the hall. After lunch, the whole school began work on creating a 3D model of St Peter’s Hill consolidating their learning of the local area and developing their understanding of the local community.

Talent Show

26th May 2017

The children shared their talents with the whole school, this morning. We had displays of gymnastics, some excellent singing and even had an impersonation of a goat! Well done to all who took part.

Outdoor Learning Day

25th May 2017

Today, at Dudley House School, we moved the classrooms outside. Here are some photos of some of the activities we took part in.

Class 4 Maths Day

22nd May 2017

In class 4, we spent the day problem solving. The first activity was using their knowledge of number facts to place numbers in the correct place on a grid. The second activity was using their knowledge of graphs to answer questions and find out the labels missing from the side and base of the graph. We discussed logic problems and completed one has a whole class before the children completed one independently. This afternoon was spent solving clues to find who had committed a crime. The clues involved measuring angles, using a calendar, working out percentages, answering questions on Braille numbers and calculating Roman numerals. The day ended with some times tables races with class 3.

Class 3 Maths Day

Class 3 practised their measuring skills today, finding out how far their paper aeroplanes travelled across the hall. They used metre rules and a trundle wheel. Faith’s aerodynamic design travelled the furthest at 7m 70cm.

As part of our Maths Day activities, we learnt about time zones across the world. Everyone chose a country and at the end of school we set our clocks to the exact time of their chosen destination.

Class 1 Maths Day

Here we are, making number trails, scoring points and hopping along a shape trail, trying not to fall into the water!


KS2 Visit to PGL

9th May 2017

Key Stage 2 had a fantastic afternoon, trying out some activities at PGL.

Photography Club

15th March 2017

This term, photography club have been taking portrait, wildlife and landscape photographs as well as photographs of plants and trees.  They have used various editing software to manipulate their photographs.  Here are a few of their edited photographs.

Miniature Art Gallery

The children have produced miniature pieces of art, which are on display in reception. Please come in and visit our art gallery, complete a questionnaire and leave a comment in the comments book.

Gallery Archive