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Virtual beekeepers

7th October 2019

Today we were all very lucky to have a local beekeeper come in to talk to us.  We learnt a lot of interesting facts – including how lazy boy (drone) bees are! We investigated the virtual hive and thankfully no one …read more »

Gymnastics activities

3rd October 2019

Today Class 4 used the gymnastic equipment.  Look at their skills!
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Poetry workshop from Simon Mole’s YouTube

Dodo by Oscar
Silly and stupid,
Eyes like coal,
Breath like rotting flesh.
Not fast like a fighter plane.
Silky grey skin.
Carries a spear for revenge
Speech is slurred.
“I’m dead.”
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So what did we think of the fake flan?

1st October 2019

40% of us gave it a 8 out of 10.
50% of us loved it!
20% of us would rather go hungry and decided that carrots couldn’t really be pudding!
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Evacuee Day

Thanks to all the children (and parents) who made such an effort with the costumes for our Evacuee Day.  It really was 1940 in the classroom today!
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Knit one, pearl one, drop one or two.  That was theme of our knitting session today.  The children were at a disadvantage though, as they had to be taught how to knit left-handed!   
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Local Library

Yesterday, Class 4 visited Grantham Library. They listened to poetry and enjoyed reading with their friends.
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How do you like our helmets so far?

27th September 2019

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Visit to I.B.C.C.

26th September 2019

Class 4 visited the International Bomber Command Centre (Lincoln) yesterday. We were told some amazing facts about WW2. We enjoyed the true story about how a dog helped in the war.
During the war, a pilot was walking down the …read more »

William Ashworth

24th September 2019

William Ashworth was a P.O.W. (prisoner of war) and he was posted to Japan. He was one of 700 fit me to build the Death Railway. Before he was picked to build Death Railway, he worked on the docks at a …read more »